Looking to replace your bookkeeper? Not enough time for yourself? Are you behind in your bookkeeping? Facing government penalties? Looking for someone to Grow with you?

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We specialize in providing accounting and bookkeeping solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Our unique processes allow us to provide superior expertise and service at very competitive rates. Whether you are looking to hire a bookkeeper a day a week to update your books or replace your existing accounting staff at substantial savings we can help.

How it works:

It's easy as Scan Click Done. You send us digital copies of your source documents via our secure website. The DFP team then downloads your documents and starts updating your file. DFP will then provide you with detailed financial statements and aging reports to help you manage you business more effectively. Alternatively, source documents can be sent by courier or dropped off at the DFP offices.

In addition to standard bookkeeping we also offer a number of other value added services to help support your business. Click here to learn more about our value added services.